“… the gold-standard of FHIR terminology servers”

Ontoserver® is the world-leading clinical terminology server implementing the FHIR terminology services API and supporting syndication–based content distribution. Ontoserver simplifies the use of clinical terminology and other code systems by addressing the key challenges faced by implementers.

Ontoserver can syndicate with other clients so that the latest versions of terminology resources are always readily available, and provides its own syndication feed for other Ontoserver instances to consume.

Ontoserver supports HL7TM FHIR® for interacting with and syndicating terminology content. The Ontoserver FHIR API provides a simplified way to interact with complex terminology products such as SNOMED CT-AU. By integrating the Ontoserver FHIR API, customer applications can interact with SNOMED CT in the following ways:

  • search for SNOMED CT codes using full-text search
  • filter searches by release, reference set and subsumption (hierarchical ancestor)
  • look up the details of a given code
  • validate that a given code is within a specified subset of SNOMED CT
  • traverse historical associations between SNOMED CT concepts
  • perform batch searches and look ups
  • manage multiple versions of a code system or other terminology resource

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Ontoserver can also be used to store local terminology sets and concept maps, which represent the mappings between different terminology sets. A concept map can be used to perform translate operations to convert codes between terminologies at run-time, or for batch-processing use cases.

Ontoserver can also be set up to automatically syndicate new releases from a central terminology server instance, making it easy to provide the latest terminology data available to client applications.

Ontoserver conforms to NCTS specifications and is both a Conformant Terminology Server Application (CTSA), and a Conformant Syndication Server Application (CSSA). It is interoperable with other applications participating in the NCTS ecosystem, such as the National Syndication Server and Snapper. Ontoserver is also able to publish terminology artefacts to its own syndication feed, which can then by consumed by other CTSAs. This allows for multi-tiered syndication architectures

Ontoserver is available as a Docker image. Contact us for access to a Quay.io Docker repository that will enable you to use the Docker client to download the Ontoserver image.