Our solutions

We offer products and services to assist use and implementation of terminology and FHIR standards to improve health data quality and use of health data.

  1. Our products
  2. Our services
  3. Related research

Our products

Our core product and world-leading clinical terminology server implementing FHIR terminology services and supporting syndication–based content distribution.

Ontoserver is our primary product, however we also have a number of supporting products aimed at improving and simplifying a number of use cases for Ontoserver.

A free SNOMED CT search, visualisation, and exploration tool that runs in your browser, and talks to any Ontoserver instance using its RESTful FHIR API.

Authoring application for FHIR terminology resources and publishing them to a FHIR terminology server.

Stand alone syndication service for managing content distribution.

Pathling is a FHIR server with functionality designed to ease the delivery of analytics-enabled apps, and to augment tasks related to health data analytics.

SnoMAP Starter Web Service is a free service to map your SNOMED CT-AU concepts to ICD-10-AM (11th Edition).

A tool that allows transforming REDCap forms into FHIR resources, using a domain specific language to write transformation rules.

Medtex is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology platform to ‘unlock’ key information in medical narratives for clinical decision support and secondary use.


An authorisation server for controlling access to Ontoserver and other related services.

An Ontoserver dashboard, an administration user interface to manage resources and syndication feeds

A set of open-source tools to transform code systems to FHIR i.e., OWL and ClaML

Compare the behaviour of different FHIR terminology servers for performance and behaviour with side-by-side display of results for the same requests ($expand + filter) sent to multiple FHIR servers.

Our services

Consultancy/Implementation services

We develop, implement and provide advice around standards including FHIR and SNOMED CT. We also do clinical and technical engagement through transparent, co-design, collaborative process with the community.

Education and training

We provide education and training services for businesses learning about clinical terminologies and standards such as SNOMED CT and FHIR

Clinical Terminology services

  • Authoring services
  • Mapping and content migration
  • Value set/reference set development and maintenance
  • Terminology based analytics and reporting
  • Standards based data modelling
  • Health data searching


CSIRO has developed a prototype genomic test ordering system using SMART on FHIR, focusing on understanding the interfaces involved and the interoperability requirements. A REDCap plugin for Ontoserver has also been developed.

Our aim is to improve performance and sustainability by transforming clinical/operational data to create knowledge with analytics, optimisation, real-time monitoring for decision support, risk stratification tools and evaluations.