Ontoserver 6.8

This release of Ontoserver introduces the following significant new features:

Composite search parameter support

Composite search parameters are now supported. All parameters can be used multiple times, for AND semantics, or with comma-separated values for OR semantics.

  • AND semantics: ?name=Chronic&name:contains=Kidney
  • OR semantics: ?name=Chronic,Recurrent

Support for pre-expanded ValueSets

If a ValueSet includes an existing expansion that is compatible with the ValueSet/$expand call, then use it directly.

Whether an expansion is compatible with the $expand call currently depends on the parameters in the call and those documented in the eexpansion itself. These include:

  • filter
  • activeOnly
  • offset

Tabular response formats for ValueSet/$expand

The values csv, tsv, scsv are now supported for the _format parameter for ValueSet/$expand only.

Multi-architecture Docker image

The Docker image is now multi-architecture, now supporting both Intel (AMD68) and ARM.