Ontoserver - Next Generation Terminology

Recording the right code -- diagnosis, procedure, medication -- can be simple.

With fast, incremental search, and context-specific result ordering,
Ontoserver puts SNOMED CT, AMT, LOINC, and FHIR-based CodeSystems at your fingertips.

Available under licence from the CSIRO's Australian eHealth Research Centre.
(free for use in Australia by registered license-holders with the Australian Digital Health Agency)

Core Features

  • Approved for use with the FHIR validator and the FHIR IG publisher
  • Fast & Precise Search
    • sub-100ms response times for most code searches in SNOMED CT
  • SNOMED CT Expression Constraint Language
  • Multiple SNOMED CT Versions including local extensions
  • OWL2 EL (with Concrete Domains) Description Logic via Snorocket or ELK



Ontoserver instances can syndicate terminology content from an up-stream or to a down-stream instance via its Syndication API.

This makes it almost trivial to deploy and access the latest version of SNOMED CT-AU and other standard terminologies.

OpenAPI Specifications

Third Party content

Ontoserver owes a great debt to the HAPI “plain server” framework and Apache Lucene.