Ontoserver 6.15

This milestone release of Ontoserver introduces the following significant new features:

Approved for use with the Validator and the IG Publisher 🎉

Ontoserver now passes all the tx tests here: https://github.com/FHIR/fhir-test-cases and is now considered approved for use with the validator and the IG publisher.

Support for resolving contained CodeSystem resources and those provided by the tx-resource parameter

While Ontoserver previously supported storing and retrieving contained resources, eg a CodeSystem or ValueSet contained in a ValueSet, it only supported resolving contained ValueSets when performing operations such as $expand or $validate-code.

This release adds support for resolving contained CodeSystems/CodeSystem supplements (which will only be visible to the ValueSet that contains them), and also for ValueSets and CodeSystems supplied via the tx-resource parameter, as required to support the IG tooling requirements.

Resources available via either of these mechanisms are treated as higher-priority than stored Resources and thus will shadow any corresponding Resource with the same canonical (i.e., URI and version).

All CodeSystem supplements that are contained by a ValueSet are treated as in-scope for the $expand and $validate-code operations.


  • contained resources are effectively invisible to search since they are scoped to the containing resource.
  • resources supplied via tx-resource are transient; they do not persist beyond the lifespan of the request they belong to, nor are they visible outside that request.

Majority of validation messages support I18N

Dutch, English, German, Japanese, and Spanish translations are provided for most of the messages returned by $validate-code.

Additional pre-adopted FHIR R5 capabilities

The useSupplement parameter, pre-adopted from R5, is now supported by the $expand and $validate-code operations.

The element ValueSet.expansion.property (via Extension http://hl7.org/fhir/5.0/StructureDefinition/extension-ValueSet.expansion.property) pre-adopted from R5 is now supported.

Support for SDC-specific Extentions

The following Extensions are now explicitly supported: