Ontoserver 6.13

This release of Ontoserver introduces the following significant new features:

Support for the PATCH operation with FHIRPatch format and a $diff operation


The patch operation is performed by an HTTP PATCH command:

PATCH [base]/[type]/[id]

and causes the terminology server to attempt to retrieve the specified resource, apply the changes itemised in the FHIRPatch resource, and then perform an UPDATE.


The $diff operation is modelled after the same operation implemented by the HAPI JPA Server.

It can be used to generate a differential between two versions of a resource, or even two different resources of the same type.

Differentials generated by this operation are in FHIR Patch format.

Support has been added for ValueSet filters with inequalities

As per FHIR-38171, for properties that are numeric or dateTimes, the = operator can be used with prefixes on values as per FHIR Search prefixes.