Ontoserver 6.7

This release of Ontoserver introduces the following new features:

ECL 2.0 feature: History supplements

The new history supplement syntax allows the a set of SNOMED CT concepts matched in an ECL (sub-)expression to be augmented by corresponding concepts from specifed History Association reference sets.

For example, the expression << 195967001 |Asthma| {{ +HISTORY (900000000000527005 |SAME AS association reference set|) }} will match Asthma and all its descendants as well as all (inactive) concepts that map to them in the 900000000000527005 |SAME AS association reference set| History Association reference set.

ECL 2.0 features: Extended memberOf and Member Filters (since 6.7.1)

ECL 2.0 introduces extended functionality for the memberOf operator as well as the ability to match against specified columns of a reference set.

In the former, the memberOf operator can optionally be followed by a specified field name in square brackets to instead return the contents of the specified field from the reference set(s). For example:

^ [targetComponentId] 900000000000527005 |SAME AS association reference set|

Member filters can be applied only in the context of a memberOf sub-expression and allow matching against specified columns to return a subset of the reference set members. For example:

^ 447562003 |ICD-10 complex map reference set| {{ M mapTarget = "J45.9" }}

These two features can be combined:

^ [targetComponentId] 900000000000527005 |SAME AS association reference set| {{ M referencedComponentId = 67415000 |Hay asthma| }}

ECL 1.5 and 1.6 features: Concept and Description Filters

SNOMED CT's ECL 1.5 and ECL 1.6 together introduce new syntax and capabilities for matching concepts. These are known as:

Subproperties Extension for FHIR CodeSystem

Pre-adoption of R5 ConceptMap typed values for product and dependsOn