OntoCommand documentation

OntoCommand is an administration user interface that comes with Ontoserver. It is opened by navigating to the base FHIR endpoint of the server you wish to control.


To use this feature the logged in user must have the Authoring server administration role which grants API_READ and API_WRITE for the Authoring Server endpoint. This role can be added to trusted users using the authorisation server’s administration console.

From its left hand menu, the Syndication option can be selected which will reveal the resources available to the server from its preconfigured upstream syndication feeds. This list may be sorted and searched to find the resource or resources which are to be loaded.

Each available resource will present a download button which is enabled if the item is not already downloaded into the server. Once this button is clicked the resource will be imported into the server. 


The API used by OntoCommand is available for use in automation. Details of the API can be found at Syndication, with “/synd/fetchSyndicatedContentEntry” being the operation to call to import a resource.