Ontoserver supports the management of Bundle resources.

Bundles support SCRUD (Search, Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations as per the FHIR Specification rules for REST and Bundles.

Search for structure definitions is limited to the following parameters:

  • the _id parameter (including the :exact, :contains and :missing modifiers)

  • the identifier, type and _tag parameters, including code, |code, system| and system|code formats, and the :missing modifier

  • the _lastUpdated parameter, including the lt, gt, ge, le and eq prefixes, and the :missing modifier. This parameter can be provided multiple times for AND semantics, to support use cases such as searching between 2 times

  • the extension x-syndication-status parameter with values true and false

Composite search parameters are supported, so all parameters can be used multiple times, for AND semantics, or with comma-separated values for OR semantics.

Of these, _id and type can be used to sort search results. _lastUpdated may also be used to sort results, but not as a search parameter.